About Aliana Energy Services

Aliana Energy Services Limited is a high profiled indigenous engineering company involve in Oilfield services in Nigeria. We pride ourselves in our ability to safely undertake daunting projects in the most adverse conditions without hampering our performance. This corporate attitude has earned us numerous partnerships and projects from major players in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our work team is comprised of seasoned Engineers, Information and communication experts, Professional Sales and Procurement Managers, certified Health, Safety and Environment Managers, top-notch Quality Control Managers and Project Managers who are fully equipped with several years of experience and a growing exposure to modern engineering. Our outstanding track record in successful project completion over the years is not without the support of several technical partners. This has, in no small way, won the trust of many high profile clients within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Aliana Energy Services is committed to Safety, Quality and Innovation. Integrity and client satisfaction indeed remains our pride and our core value. While we pursue our goals and missions, we remain ready to undertake new projects, partner with interested firms and reach for greater heights in the Engineering Industry.


To build and retain a large cadre of talented engineers, professionals and skilled technicians to operate at a global level of engineering leadership and excellence in our various areas of business activities while maintaining our Goal Zero HSE target.


Aliana Energy Services is determined in positioning itself as the Service leader in to the Energy Industry by engaging the most experienced professionals, the most appropriate technological innovations and the best safety practices in the execution of all projects and services.

Here at Aliana Energy, we instillinto our Client's Projects.


Aliana Energy Services Limited has established a formal in-house Safety and Quality Management System which satisfies the broad cross section of our client’s requirement.


Our Quality Management system is based upon ISO 9001 Standards. The company is presently in the process of putting into place methods and procedures to obtain ISO and NSO listings.


Aliana Energy Services Limited is a technically inclined company owned and managed by Nigerians. Our skilled and unskilled workforce are all Nigerians.

Our Team

The Team at Aliana Energy Services Limited is made up of a value-driven, passionate and knowledgeable management team who collaborate with other external resource people (professionals and entrepreneurs) who are willing and able to provide expert and quality service in a variety of specialist areas.